Guide: Double Sided sc Joining Method


In this post, a short explanation and demonstration of the alternative method for crocheting 2 pieces together is presented. I use this method when joining some of my crocheted toys, in order to avoid the flat stich as is the “Standard” joining method.


When joining with this method, the 2 pieces are placed on top of eachother, with the wrong sides facing inwards (and the stuffing in between, in the case stuffing is used.).

START: The hook is put through both pieces. Pull the yarn through and start the joining round with a slip stitch and  one chain.

1. The hook is put through only the front piece from the right side, in the holes from the crocheted rows.
2. Pull the yarn through. There is now 2 loops on the hook.
3. The hook is put through the other piece from the right side of that piece.
4. Pull the yarn through. There is now 3 loops on the hook.
5. Pull the yarn through all 3 loops.
6. Continue in the same way all around the pieces and finish with a slip stitch.


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